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Take the leap into fitness with our revolutionary EMS (Electromuscular Stimulation) workouts at One Well Life LLC (OWL). Imagine the power of EMS workouts that deliver more results in less time – exactly what a fitness conscious soul seeks. The electrical muscle stimulation device engages your muscles deeper through advanced EMS training, intensifying your EMS workout and accelerating your progress. But that's not all. Applying low-frequency electrical currents prompts muscles to contract with extraordinary intensity, surpassing traditional workouts' effects.


Our certified coaches, use precision and expertise while guiding you through a dynamic EMS workout that leverages cutting-edge technology to grossly enhance your performance; without medications or endless hours spent in a crowded gym. This groundbreaking EMS technology delivers precise, targeted electrical impulses through our specialized EMS machine and suit that engages 10 muscles groups simultaneously, including an Ab stimulator. In just 20 minutes, once a week, you'll experience a total-body workout that far surpasses anything you’ve tried before.


The efficiency of EMS lies in its ability to engage a larger percentage of muscle fibers, simultaneously, as compared to traditional workouts. During an EMS therapy session, our cutting-edge EMS fitness unit can deliver upwards of 36,000 electrical impulses that target the entire spectrums of muscle fiber types, and depths. OWL’s EMS guided workouts not only improve strength, but invigorates metabolism, burns fat and builds endurance. This means that a single 20-minute EMS workout at One Well Life, you may achieve muscle activation equivalent to hours upon hours of conventional exercise.


One Well Life LLC, also known as OWL, is where fitness innovation and modern science meet holistic wellness on the Gulf Coast. We are the pioneers of transformative Whole-Body Electromuscular Stimulation (WB-EMS) and EMS training in this region. We sought to bring this exclusive EMS technology to the Gulf Coast– with one mission in mind; to make it affordable and available to everyone. In the past this technology was only available to professional athletes, celebrities and in foreign countries, until its recent clearance by the FDA for safe use within the Unites States. 

With the opening of One Well Life, and our extensive selection of multiple EMS systems, the entire Gulf Coast can benefit from this amazing EMS technology including: triathletes, golfers, tennis and pickleball players, those who wish to get back into shape, or those who want to expedite recovery from a prior muscular injury. Because of the low-impact nature of OWL’s programs, EMS is easy on the joints and arthritis-friendly.

At OWL, our specialized WB-EMS machine activate up to 10 muscle groups simultaneously, replicating the natural signals of our central nervous system with unparalleled precision, frequency, amplitude and depth. These precise metrics optimize muscle contractions within several different muscle fiber types and for their exact, optimal timeframes. With science on your side, our certified OWL EMS coaches can tailor your EMS session to achieve your specific goals in weeks instead of months.

More important, because of the limited time required to perform an effective EMS session, 12 to 20 minutes per week, anyone can fit OWL’s EMS program into their busy schedules. No longer will you have to spend hours, upon hours, in a gym struggling to break through a plateau, or waiting on machines to become available. With OWL’s EMS smart-technology, we can help you sky-rocket past plateaus. Through the use of evidence-based science, OWL’s short programs paired with EMS can achieve your wellness goals faster, and with more precision than ever before. 

OWL is not only your premier EMS studio on the Gulf Coast, but also your go-to destination for an all-encompassing wellness journey; one that is customized to your specific needs, activity levels, and wellness goals. Whether you are looking for an improved physique, enhanced balance, additional endurance or energy improvements, muscle toning, or an increased swing speed, OWL is the perfect place to start your journey toward a happier, “one well life!”



Hear From Our Clients

Brandon S

Joining One Well Life was the best decision. The EMS workouts are unlike anything I've experienced before. In just a few weeks, I've seen a noticeable improvement in my strength and overall fitness. I'm more motivated than ever to prioritize my health, thanks to OWL.

James G

I was skeptical about the 20-minute EMS workout claims, but OWL proved me wrong. As a busy professional, finding time for the gym was a challenge. OWL's gym's program in Pensacola, FL, fits my schedule perfectly and delivers real results. The trainers are knowledgeable and adept at every technique. I'm thrilled to have found a fitness solution that works.

Katie H

What a find! The intensity of the EMS body workouts is unmatched and I have to agree that my performance has gotten just better. The technicians ensure I receive the right therapy and safely push my limits. It's been a few months, and I'm already toned in areas I struggled with for years. I highly recommend this place!

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Physical Readiness Test (PRT) Prep & Wellness Education

Active-Duty Military & Law Enforcement

PHYSICAL READINESS TEST PREP, OR EQUIVILENT 10-Week WB-EMS and whole-body wellness program

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(10-WeeK Plan)

This program is available to Active-Duty Military & Law Enforcement Professional seeking to prepare for the PRT, or equivalent test. This program is offered a maximum of twice per calendar year for qualifying members. This package Includes: pre & post PRT prep evaluation including 2 Styku 3-D body scans, 2 Personalized Diet & Wellness Education Sessions, access to PRT-Prep groups as available, 10 EMS & 10 Regenerative Sessions and a detailed home exercise pla


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